Follow our team as we prepare, travel, and serve alongside Blueprint Ministries in San Antonio, Texas this July!

Day 6 - “Funday”


Today, it was our free day and we decided to go to the Alamo and a waterpark. The waterpark that we went to was called Schlitterbahn, and it was a ton of fun. Two of our favourite rides was the wave pool and the big lazy river. I loved the idea of going to a waterpark because it cooled us down from all the heat we have been working in on the roof. I also thought it was great because it was a great way to end our amazing trip serving God and other people.

-Nolan Moore, Team Member










Day 5 - Last Day on the Roof


Today was our final day working on Ms. Laura’s roof. We are actually adjusting to the heat a little bit but still took an afternoon ice cream break. Several of the guys have been working on a push-up challenge by trying to do 240 a day. They met their goal today but had to do a few on the roof just to get them all in. Also, what kind of Arkansans would we be if we didn’t teach Quinn, our ministry staff member from Washington, how to CALL THE HOGS!!! We did get an opportunity to spend a few minutes talking to Ms. Laura today. Justin prayed for her and we presented her with our scrapbook. She expressed to us, through teary eyes, what a blessing this was to her as she would have been unable to pay to replace her leaking roof. Tomorrow is Friday, but for us it will be “Funday! We are headed to a waterpark for some fun and more sun. See one of our student’s comments below about today and tomorrow.

“Although today was the hottest, it was definitely the best! With the waterpark in grasp, we could practically feel the water rushing through the slide. ( It also might’ve been the sweat.) But anyways, the food was awesome with some local chicken strips and mashed potatoes, Skeet went back for 3rds! With only one more day ahead of us, we’re gonna have as much fun as possible at the biggest water park in San Antonio!” -Lucas Moore, Team Member