Follow our team as we prepare, travel, and serve alongside Project Mañana in Santiago de los Caballeros this June!

Day 6


“Beach day! What an amazing way to conclude our time in the Dominican Republic! We started this morning, as we have every morning, with Dominican coffee and devotional time at 7:30. We ate breakfast at 8:00 and hit the road at 8:30. To get to the beach, we took a beautiful, winding road up and over the mountain. The views along the way were breathtaking! It was so neat to see more of the country and local communities.

We arrived at the beach at 10:30. It was gorgeous and provided the perfect setting for us to for us to fully appreciate our last day in the DR. The day was spent enjoying the clear, blue water; snorkeling in the reef; riding the banana boat; browsing the beach shops; resting in our beach chairs; and reflecting on our time serving with Project Manana. We enjoyed our lunch with sand under our toes and palm trees overhead. It was fresh fish and chicken (and french fries for the first time since we arrived - a reminder of home!).

The rest of the afternoon passed all too quickly, and we loaded up the van at 4:00 to return to Santiago. The drive back was full of laughter, conversation, and a little napping. We arrived at the guest house with time to shower before dinner at 7:00. We enjoyed our last delicious Dominican dinner and then circled up for our nightly debriefing time.

What an incredible day it was continuing to connect as a team and soaking up the beauty of God’s creation. And what an amazing week it has been serving together and watching God work. Thank you Christ Community Church for loving, praying for, and supporting our team! We are truly blessed!

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not wish everyone at home a happy July 4th and say thank you to our service men and women. We miss you all, and we’re looking forward to being back with you soon!”

-Callie Corbyn, Team Member








Day 5


At 9:00am this morning, we arrived once again in the community of San Pablo to attend church. After being away in Cien Fuegos the day before, it was a welcome sight and it felt comforting to come back to the community where we had spent so much time and connected with the kids.

Before church, we were able to see Mercedes’ house that the local builder had progressed even further and the walls were now complete. I’m excited to see her house one day complete and know we had a part in making it happen.

Church! Wow! Or Hallelujah! As Brian likes to say. What an amazing experience. The church was small but every seat was full with locals from the community. Kids that had been sponsored through Project Mañana were leading worship. They put the Spanish lyrics to the worship songs on a projector. I learned today that you can worship the Living God in a different language without knowing what you’re singing; and it still works! Albeit a few of the songs we could recognize as the same songs we sing on Sunday morning at C3. All I can say is that it was such a powerful experience. To see adults, teenagers, and children struggling with poverty unlike anything we see in the States, lifting up their hands praising God, making a beautiful and joyous sound unto the Lord, just made me want to worship God even more intensely. I will forever remember that worship service.

Following worship, the local pastor preached a great message, full of passages from the Bible in Romans, Jeremiah, Philippians, Matthew, and John. His main point was sourced out of John 12:24 that teaches us that unless a seed falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But a seed that dies, produces many seeds. Therefore, we must surrender ourselves unto the Lord and follow his calling and we too will produce many seeds.

After church, we had a delicious Dominican lunch of rice, beans, chicken, and salad. The food has been excellent every time. During and after lunch, we got to hear the testimony of the local pastor and his wife. The hardships they have overcome and their passion to serve the Lord was incredible. We also got to hear an amazing testimony from Carolina Berman, Brian’s wife. Her story was an amazing child sponsorship success story. The thing that stuck with me the most, was the true, genuine love and thankfulness she had and still has for the couple that sponsored her when she was a child. Before Project Mañana was started, she told Brian “I want to do for as many people as possible what was done for me”. And now they have an amazing child sponsorship program in the community of San Pablo and Cien Fuegos.

Following lunch, we headed to the bus to sadly leave San Pablo. We got to play for about 15 more minutes with a few of the local kids while waiting on the bus, and then we gave our hugs and said our goodbyes. So many great memories from that community. I hope and pray that we had as much of an impact on them as they did on us.

On our way back to the guest house, we stopped by the Monument of the Heroes, which is a beautiful monument in the center of Santiago that was originally built as a symbol of the Dominican War of Independence from Haiti. And we made a stop at La Sirena (pretty much DR’s version of a Walmart). We concluded the day with Dominican Dominoes, another delicious dinner, and worship and debrief from Will and Brian. Our work is done in DR for this trip, but we know there is still work to be done here and back in Little Rock. We’re looking forward to a day at the beach tomorrow to relax and process before our flight back home on Tuesday. Thank you all for your prayers and support. We love you all.”

-Richard Corbyn, Team Member