💻 About Me

Hello, 👋 you can call me Chu! I'm a passionate full-stack software engineer who is eager to learn new technology and generate remarkable products.

I see myself as a problem solver, an opportunity seeker, and a great fit for any team — I also am interested in taking leadership roles.

When I'm not writing code, you could find me reading and learning about new technologies, monitoring different cryptocurrency values, or organizing my virtual workspaces.

🤔 Currently, I'm...

Looking for a Software Engineering Internship

Working as the Vice President of Engineering @ User Experience Society

Majoring in Management Information Systems and Specializing in Data Science and Analytics @ Ateneo de Manila University

Reading The 4-Hour Work Week

📞 Get in Touch!

Feel free to connect with me to discuss software development and business opportunities. I am also available for freelance and internship opportunities.






Projects I've Worked On — The different websites I have made contributions to

My Work Experience — The different organizations and positions I've taken

Notion Templates I've Made — The virtual workspaces that allow me to be organized and productive

Feel free to duplicate these templates and utilize them for your personal workspaces!