<aside> 💡 Efficiency is the core of Customer service operations. Through chat analytics you can check a detailed and robust statistical record of your customer service. Look at detailed reports of current and past chats, the long term trends, and find what improvements can be made to your team’s strategy!



Explore the basis of chat statistics

Downloading your data guide


Explore the basis of chat statistics


Filter through specific metrics such as period, manager, follower, and tags. In addition , if you press the magnifying glass button you can get quick access to the chats which make up that dataset.

What is responsiveness?

You can look over the response time for every incoming inquiry, you can further inspect the data through setting filter conditions.

<aside> 💡 Next to each statistic category you can see the rate of change(ROC). It shows the change in the statistic relative to the preceding time period. If there is no data in the preceding period, then the ROC is set as -.

E.g.) If you are filtering your statistics for the month of April (01/04→ 30/04) then the ROC statistic will show you the change from the statistic for the 30 day period of March (01/03→30/03)


Understanding the graphs