Engineering Philosophy

Clarisights has been imagined from the ground up to solve the problem of getting insights into a large amount of data for the non-technical business user without any engineering effort or expertise. Ease of use, interactive analysis and seemless integration over 100s of data sources each with billions of rows of data are the core drivers of the product. That's why we have taken the hard path of building the majority of product and tech ourselves to provide the best experience to our customers, rather than just stitching together off-the-shelf technology. As a result, we are building our engineering culture around the pillars of innvoation, curiosity, teamwork and perseverance.

Think about building a custom data transformation engine to churn through billions of rows from 100s of data sources daily, or building your own database to provide the interactive browsing experience while doing complex analytics on those billions of records. Think about building your own keyword search engine in the UI to fuzzy-match through 10s of thousands of metrics in milliseconds, or loading a DOM with 100 different charts and tables each with 100s of records on a single page. Think about business users working at multi-billion dollar enterprises who have thousands of engineers working for them spending several hours a day getting their data insights on this platform.

Yes, we are doing all that and more. But, we are nowhere close to the finish line. The system is immature, the architecture is shifting, the code is messy, the metrics are incomplete and the customers are complaining, but we are growing and the future is full of possibilities. If you have a hunger for finding elegant solutions to complex software engineering challenges, then you belong at Clarisights.

Engineering Challenges

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