Vodeo call on Marimba board?

🙁 Video call, material, every link should be managed separately

☚ī¸ Go back and forth from window to window to find what you need

😩 Starting with complex authorization, endless screen sharing

No move complicated and difficult video call 👋

Start a light video call on the board and discuss it effectively while watching the content together.

📍 Up to 16 people can attend a video call on one board.

What happens when I start the video call?

If there is no video call in progress on the board, you can start a new video call.

Press the Start video call button in the upper right corner of the screen to start the video call on the board.

What happens if I start with multiple people on the board?

Marimba's video call is a form in which people can join if they want 😀

I want to join video call.

Is there a video call on the board?

If you press the Join button in the upper right corner of the screen where the current number of video call attendees is displayed, can easily join an ongoing video call.

I want to check my screen before the video call starts.

Preview screen where you can check the status of the camera and microphone before entering the video call.