What it Sticky note?

It allows you to record simple content and organize it visually.

It's a good tool for Idea or Brainstorming quickly. 🙂

P**I from P company, which is familiar with the office, is also a kind of Sticky note.

Use your favorite Sticky note in Marimba as well.

How can I create Sticky note?

It's very simple.

☝️ Select Sticky note from Toolbar, or press S on your keyboard and click,

✌️ Right-click in a canvas and select Add sticky note,

🤟 Click Sticky note on the Quick Input button on the Structured Pad,

Sticky notes will be created and you can type them in immediately.

Create with Tool

Create with Context menu

Create with Quick input

Also, press Ctrl+Enter while entering content in Sticky note.

If you press the Add sticky note button on the Context bar with one sticky note selected,

A Sticky note of the same color is added immediately next to it.

How can I edit the Sticky note?

Double-click on the Sticky note you want to edit.