What is Pad?

Pad is a space for easy organizing and structuring on a board that is prone to complexity. 🙂

It works like a page by grouping objects such as text and Sticky notes.

When you move, copy, or clear the Pad, the objects belonging to the Pad are moved / copy / deleted as well.

How to create Pad?

It's very simple.

☝️ Press the + button on Pad Index or

✌️ Press Ctrl (Command) + Shift + P on your keyboard.

Pad will be created and you will be able to enter a title.

Like other objects, Pad can be selected and copied and pasted easily.

What's the Pad type?

There are two types of Pad in Marimba.

☝️ Structured type, the objects in the Pad are automatically aligned

✌️ Freeform type, allows you to freely place objects inside the Pad.

When you create a Pad, it defaults to Structured type,