<aside> 💡 This has been written with long leave in mind. Your return to work may be different or not need as much consideration if you have only been out of the business for a short period of time.


Welcome back, we're so happy that you're returning to the team! 💜

Returning to work after an extended period of leave can feel strange and nerve-wracking, and we're here to support you settling back in and finding your new rhythm.

Confirm Your Return Date

We will anticipate your return on your previously agreed return date unless you notify us otherwise. Please give us plenty of notice if this date changes. If you decide not to return to work, you must give notice of resignation in accordance with the terms of your contract.

Talk To Us About Your Needs & Preferences

Everyone’s needs will be different and with this in mind we encourage you to feel confident opening up about yours. Don't feel any pressure to come to us with a solution already mapped out, we can get there together.

Build A Return Plan Together

We're here to support you returning back to work. From our experience, we know that some things are going to take some adjusting to during your early weeks and months, and you might even feel the need to change some things about how you work. It might be valuable to:

Join Our Parent Community

We have our #parents-of-pento channel to connect with people who have gone or are going through a similar experience as yourself. They’re there for support and to share parenting highs and lows with!