Council members are interwoven into the fabric of this organization. Council decisions are made as a collective, and finalized by a quorum vote when necessary. The council advises both the Human Space Program Board of Directors and Leadership Team.

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Council members are invited to present information, conduct workshops, and otherwise guide and inspire our organization to deepen our understanding of inclusivity and more effectively cultivate it in our behavior.


doug good feather.jpg

Doug Good Feather

Lakota Wisdom Keeper, Founder of Lakota Way Healing Center

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kim macharia_portrait_small.JPG

Kim Macharia

Inclusion Advocate, Executive Director of Space Prize

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Juan Carlos Chaves

Yaqui Wisdom Keeper, Technology & STEAM Education Researcher

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Will Pomerantz

Co-founder, Patti Grace Smith Fellowship & Brooke Owens Fellowship

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We are in the process of assembling the council. We will post the new members here soon!