By Peace Timothy & Rania Arabiyat

Project Overview

Over 40% of the population in Asia and Africa alone do not even know what cryptocurrency is! This is where our project comes in, the project is designed to help those who are new to cryptocurrency or are beginners. With our website's many features such as the tutorials and videos you can go from clueless to more than qualified to start investing! For more information visit this link.

About Us

Hello, Our platfom, Cryptoid, was created by two young minds who are curious to explore and also concerned about Education and Information.

So, meet Rania Arabiyat. Rania is someone who is always curious about information and the availability of information. She is from Jordan and is immensely interested in technology, information, ethnic and cryptocurrency. She is lively and fun to work with.

The second young mind is Peace Timothy. Peace has always been curious and loves talking and writing in a way people get her message. She has always wanted to explore the Cryptocurrency industry and find ways to get people on board, as well as help, reduce fluctuations in the industry. She is from Nigeria and is so interested in the availability of the right information and accessibility. She is always positive and highly spirited.

The first person wanted to provide the right information for Jordanians about Cryptocurrency while the second wants to help reduce fluctuations in Cryptocurrency, especially in Nigeria. So, together they decided to come up with a platform that can serve both the Africans and Asians as well as the world as a whole.

The skills We Learned Throughout This Project