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The MMM-Workstream is divided into 4 substreams: 🎨 Design
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Gitcoin DAO Workstreams

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Moonshot Collective (@Kevin Owocki | @Austin | @Ryan)

Prototyping, validating & decentralizing coordination tools.

Public Goods Funding (@Scott Moore | @Linh Tran | @Toby)

Increase interest in public goods at large, and specifically increasing the usage of Gitcoin Grants, both in its current centralized form (cGrants) and as an eventual decentralized protocol (dGrants).

Fraud Detection & Defense (@Disruption Joe | @Christine)

Defend the Gitcoin network against fraud, collusion, Sybil attacks, and any other degradation of the system’s legitimacy.

Decentralize Gitcoin (@Philip Hutchins)

Developing the mechanisms through which Gitcoin is progressively decentralizing.

MMM (@Fredrik Hjalmarsson | @Brittney Scott)

The MMM-Workstream (Memes, Merch & Marketing) has the goal to use Merch, Memes, and Marketing to promote public goods with unique projects that generates curiosity, hype and engagement around Gitcoin DAO and its core mission.

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