Here is some background on GetYourRefund and Code for America, the team behind it.

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About Code for America

Code for America is a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco. We’re people-centered problem solvers showing that, with the mindful use of technology, we can improve government in meaningful ways. At Code for America, we believe that financial stability should be equitable, inclusive, and guaranteed to everyone.

We build digital services that enhance government capabilities, and we help others do the same across all levels of government. We organize thousands of volunteers across nearly 80 chapters nationwide who improve government in their local communities. Our goal: a resilient government that effectively and equitably serves all Americans.

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About GetYourRefund

Code for America collaborates with VITA to provide high quality virtual tax preparation to low-income families nationwide. We began GetYourRefund (GYR) as a pilot program in 2020, and quickly increased our number of partner organizations due to the sudden need to move many in-person VITA programs online.

Our hope is that this virtual model will allow VITA partners to make tax preparation accessible online to more clients, and help close the tax benefit participation gap.

Meet the GetYourRefund team!


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GetYourRefund offers three main service options for clients filing their taxes: End-to-End Virtual VITA, Valet/Drop-Off VITA, and Do-It-Yourself with Help.