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Ever dreamed of becoming the next startup success story? Have an everyday problem in your life that you want to solve? At MAC x Hack Sprint, you will collaborate with others to turn your ideas into reality!

<aside> ⭐ MAC x Hack Sprint is a 2-week long hackathon-style event in which teams of 4-6 design and develop a solution to a problem.



MAC x Hack Sprint is open to everyone, anywhere with any experience level! Never done a hackathon before? No stress — This event is for you!

Hack Sprint will be split into two parts.

Our aim is to give students practical experience and provide networking opportunities with our industry sponsors, including SalesForce, Deloitte, Microsoft and more.

MAC x Hack Sprint will run over the Winter break from 5th - 16th July. (Don't worry, it's not 24/7 — you can still enjoy your holiday!)

It's like a hackathon but with a lot less stress and a lot more sleep!

⚙️ Event Schedule

Week 1

Learn Week

Week 2

Build Week

🏆 Prizes