After getting some feedback on my original design I have decided to go a completely different route as I was not keen on my original design and decided that my new idea was something different to what I have designed before.

I have now decided to design this project as an old style MI6 dossier and each page will be in the style of a dossier.

The first page I have depicts an old style Scotland Yard office which a desk and the dossier sitting on the table

The second page is the home page that shows all the different pages that the user can tap on and also get a brief description of the character.

The third page shows the 4 different characters in Sherlock Holmes, with thier names and an image of them. The images I will be using is from the Sherlock Holmes (2009) and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

This is how each character bio page will look and it will show their name, nationality, sex, martial state, education, physical characteristics, interests, health and I.Q. It will also show a few images of them.

The silver screen page tells the user about 5 different Sherlock hH movies with a brief paragraph at the start and then 5 images that they can click on and then learn more about the movie

Then there is the movie page itself, each of them will be designed the same with an image of the movie at the top, then the name, director, cast and about. As it is in a dossier I decided to add in a paper clip on the image and slant the image to make it look like the image is just placed there.

I then have the baker street page which tells the user about Baker Street along with an image of the front of the house and a map of London that shows where Baker Street is in England.

The next page tells the user about the Sherlock Holmes museum along with an image and a link to the museums website.

The final page is the copyright page which I have been asked to put in as I am borrowing the content from other designers