Raycast stays out of your way but is always ready when you need it. This page gives you a brief overview of the basic concepts of Raycast.


Here are the basics to move quickly from your intent to an action:

Pro Tip: You can use Raycast as your default launcher and replace Spotlight. This way you keep your muscle memory for your global hotkey.

First Steps

A couple of things you should try out to familiarize yourself with Raycast:

  1. Search for an application in the root search and launch it with .
  2. Type fs in the root search to open the File Search command. By default, you see your recently opened files.
  3. Enable extensions in the Preferences and explore their commands. F.e. the Jira extension makes it trivial to create or check issues.
  4. Enter any math expression in the root search and copy the result with . Check out some examples of our powerful Calculator .
  5. Open the Clipboard History command to see text you copied earlier.
  6. Join our Slack Community to have a stake in our product roadmap.
  7. Replace Spotlight with Raycast
  8. Use the Send Feedback command to let us know what you are missing or where we screwed up.