<aside> 🗒️ We don't have many formal company policies, but here are the few you should know about!


Days off & holidays

If you need to take a day off, just let us know and that’s it. If you feel sick or just down - don’t work and just let us know with a Slack DM. When you need to take some time off (more than a day or two), please discuss with the founders (Tvrtko for dev, Karri for others) ahead of time so we are able to plan ahead.

We generally expect you to take at least 3-4 weeks per year off. All days off are paid.


There aren’t many meetings but weekly on Thursday & for devs on Tuesday are considered mandatory. Skipping once in a while is fine. If you haven't received a calendar invite, ping your manager


Equipment & co-working costs

We will gladly provide any reasonable equipment needed after the first months. If you have an affordable co-working space near you, we usually cover 100% of the costs. Ping Karri to discuss this.