Who are we worshipping? Who is this God redeeming all of creation? In this course we will look at the character and nature of God to more fully understand the God we are worshipping and the God with whom we are working to redeem creation.

Session 1: Who is God

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So, God is:

  1. Father, Son, and Spirit. 3 and 1 at the same time, in a way that we can't totally comprehend.
  2. The source of every good attribute- love, wisdom, kindness, order, justice, peace, etc.
  3. A loving father.

The Spirit of God is:

  1. The Presence of God.
  2. Our connection to God.
  3. The source of God's power and conviction for Jesus-followers.

Jesus is:

  1. Fully God and full man.
  2. The personification of God's love for us.
  3. Our example of how to love God and each other.
  4. The coming King of our world.


  1. Are you ok with the mystery of not fully being able to understand the nature of God? Are you able to accept that God has revealed enough of what we need to know about him in the Scripture for us to worship him?