<aside> 🚌 We're guiding Filipinos to a safer, smarter commute. And we need your help.


We're Sakay.

We help Filipino commuters by giving directions for not only buses and trains, but also for important but overlooked options like jeepneys and tricycles.

We grew up with the Philippine commute, and we know how tiring it gets. We believe that the only way forward is to improve public transport options and encourage their use.

We’ve been working even harder, through the mess that is 2020. Our new tracking features have helped at least 50,000 frontliners find their way to work amid the quarantine.

Of course, it’s never enough.

We want to help drivers and operators do better, too. We're fighting for a future where everyone uses public transport - not because they have no choice, but because it's the better choice.

It's a lot of work, so we're looking for people to join us, and help build this.

Why a career with us?

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