Sakay, your commuting life saver

Sakay provides accurate and efficient commuting directions in Metro Manila. With the goal of easing the commute of Filipinos, started out as an entry in the Philippine Transit App Challenge in 2013 and has been fully on market since 2018.

Sakay also doesn’t just show you directions — it also gives you a fare estimate and your estimated time of arrival.

This app has the most extensive transport coverage available for Metro Manila. We supply users with directions for Jeep, Bus, Premium bus or P2P, MRT/LRT, UV Express, E-Jeep, Ferry, and with the newest update, Tricycle. Users can also choose their preferred transport type, for customized directions.

In 2020, Sakay launched GPS tracking for Jeepneys and Buses. Users can now also rate and send feedback to PUV drivers.

Sakay is the first Filipino startup to get into Betatron, a Hong Kong-based startup accelerator with an acceptance rate of 0.6%.

With Sakay, you will never get lost again. This app is available on the web, and for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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What is Sakay?

Sakay is an award-winning transit service for commuting around Metro Manila, featured in various media outlets, including: