Welcome to the African Recovery Mentor’s Platform

On the quest towards building capacity on the African Continent, African Recovery is currently supporting professionals and entrepreneurs who will play the role of mentees.

This is a mentoring program aimed at improving the capacity of mentees on a journey to career discovery, personal growth and impact for nation-building.


Mentees, are select professionals or … across diverse fields who are:

• Africans living and working in Africa or in diaspora • Available and able to commit to minimum two mandatory virtual mentee training sessions • High performing individuals looking to grow and expand • Available to commit to a 6-months mentoring period


The following is a guide for mentors:

  1. Commitment period is 6 months.
  2. Mentees must take responsibility for scheduling regular meetings with your mentor (at least once monthly). The minimum number of meetings for the mentoring period is 4 sessions.
  3. Mentees are responsible for their own self development and will ask for specific advice on ideas, plans and goals, and mentors will give specific advice when possible.
  4. Mentees must follow through on commitments and goals set during the mentoring sessions.
  5. Mentee must be aware mentor has different cultural background and be respectful.
  6. Cancellations should be communicated with 2 days advance and notice on either side.
  7. We discourage no-shows so as to maintain the integrity of the program. Where a mentee has experienced more than 2 no shows or assigned mentees are not submitted, kindly escalate to mentoring@africanrecovery.club


  1. Fill the registration form

  2. Get email recommendations

  3. Get Matched to Mentors

  4. Join our Discord Channel and introduce yourself to the community

  5. Go through the oboarding training

  6. Partake in all events set by the African Recovery Mentorship Programme Admin team.


It is important to be realistic from the beginning as to what to expect, based on your current level of knowledge of the program and its activities, your own background and the background of your mentor.