It takes someone special to transform the first sparks into champagne; to create something big, to ignite that one spark that will create an entire universe. As you might expect, those people are exceptionally rare and hard to find, but when you are up to something big you literally cross the entire universe to find that one person, who has the right vision, mindset and GRIT to join our journey. This is why we decided to write this letter; this one’s for you.

The purpose of this letter is to qualify yourself and handle your most likely objections to join our team. And if it turns out we are a match, we think it will be challenging to find something more meaningful and impactful for your life and future career.

It may take you some time to read this through, but if you do, you should be at least excited, have a clear view of what we’re working on, and consider if you’ll thrive in an environment like ours. One thing you won’t find in this letter is a standard set of requirements. Mostly because this isn’t a traditional partnership; for the right person, this could be a once-in-lifetime opportunity to do something that matters, propel your personal growth and change the lives of millions!

Thanks in advance for reading, and we hope to hear from you soon,

Michael van Lier

Michael Steinmann

The world’s combined real estate is estimated to be worth just under $300tn. Almost 80% of that is accounted for by residential developments. And now, just for a second, imagine what would happen to this market if the way that people are living their lives changes. Imagine that we could integrate all the technology silo’s (from IoT to high tech appliances) currently surrounding us in our everyday lives. I’m not saying we’re the Jetsons tomorrow, but my letter to you is about a journey of engineers and changemakers shaping a better tomorrow.

That's huuuge, isn’t it?

For anyone at least slightly entrepreneurially minded, and driven to make an impact, that spells a heck of an opportunity. And as we are both, we are getting very excited to see the beginning of this change happening, putting this entire market in motion. Slowly but steadily.

Several trends are causing this change: