<aside> ⛓️ The Brickprotocol is the public and permissioned blockchain handling the real estate assets and transactions from Brickwise. It is based on the open-source project waves protocol. The blockchain is an advanced proof of stake blockchain.


Important Links

Waves Tech

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Nodes and public access

The network is operated by investors and stakeholders of Brickwise. Everyone can check the transactions and even run a node (public blockchain). But only investors can participate in the proof of stake block forging algorithm (permission blockchain). The blockchain can be seen here: https://explorer.brickprotocol.com/

Important steps to run your own Node: This guide is explanatory written for an Ubuntu Server.

  1. Rent a virtual linux server from any provider; important is that you have admin (root) rights and that you also have access to an external ip address (this is only needed for an forging node).
  2. Update the server and install java
  3. Download and install the latest waves node version Get the newest waves_x_all.deb version from here:
  4. Replace the current waves config with the new one The config can be found under /etc/waves/waves.conf You have to replace the <YOUR_IP_ADDRESS> and the <SOME_PASSWORD> value in the config before replacing it.
  5. Restart the server and check if it’s working correctly
  6. set up the firewall (optional)

Now the node is setup; of you are an investor and if you want to operate a forging node just write an email with your nodes address to: brickprotcol@brickwise.it

Further Links

Node Owner Guide | Waves documentation