👋🏼 My name is Brian Mulyadi. I'm a data enthusiast that have worked in companies such as Ladyjek and Louis Dreyfus Company. I'm currently training myself in product management and data analytics.

Here are some services that I offer:

Brianmulyadi: I will be your data analyst with simple and clear visual report for $50 on fiverr.com

Data analytics service [$50-$250]

Brianmulyadi: I will simplify your powerpoint presentation for $30 on fiverr.com

Presentation design service [$30-$200]

I am also currently open for pro-bono projects if it aligns with what I am looking to practice. Connect with me → 🐦 Twitter | 💼 Linkedin | 🔥 Instagram

Here are some things I wrote lately

I am also a co-host of Kokoh Kokoh Kongkow — where me and my buddies talk about current events and anything related to young professionals.

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I like to summarize books and reading materials, here's some of them that I am currently going through:

Reading List

Here are some links that I love to share with my friends:

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