Free Plan - $0

Perfect for testing out the brevity platform and validating an idea

Launch Plan - $39 (beta)

For when you want all of brevity's features or your ready to launch to your users

Enterprise - custom

Brevity Apps, and the editor itself, are designed to be fully customizable. If you'd like to take advantage of Brevity's platform, but feel like we are missing a feature, there is a good chance we can support your use case through an enterprise plan. Reach out to us at with any questions.

<aside> ⚠️ We are still figuring out a lot about what it really costs to run an app for our users and what the usage patterns of our users will be like. In the Short term, we are offering a single paid plan for $39 a month. We are hoping this at least covers our costs to run your app. Our cheapest paid plan in the future will almost certainly cost more. But, as a thank you for trying out Brevity, if you upgrade your plan we'll honor the $39 price for at least 2 years, even if we raise our price before then.