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Tracey D. Syphax is President & CEO of Phax Group LLC, a multi-million dollar real estate development company, that owns and manages properties throughout Mercer County, NJ, and Philadelphia, PA. Mr. Syphax is an entrepreneur, advocate, and business maven who looks on the big issues of today in a brighter, more positive light.

Since May 2019, Mr. Syphax has contributed to the Cannabis Trade Federation’s DEI Task Force. The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Task Force (DEI) comprises experienced business leaders, all of whom are prepared to engage key stakeholders – including local, state, and national policymakers – to strategically and legislatively foster accountability for equity, accessibility, and diversity within the cannabis industry.

Named one of the 25 Most Influential African Americans in New Jersey in 2016, he is also the Project Manager/Chief Estimator of the consulting firm, Uplift Property Solutions-NJ LLC.

Mr. Syphax is the award-winning author of From the Block to the Boardroom. He is a 2014 White House Champion of Change Honoree, a founding launch partner with the Obama Administration's Fair Chance Business Pledge, and was Empower Magazine's 2014 Person of the Year for his diligent work in the re-entry field and for being a strong advocate for the formerly incarcerated.

In 2011 Mr. Syphax received Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce's Entrepreneur of the Year Award. The 1st African American to receive that honor in the 51-year history of the Chamber.

In addition to focusing on re-entry empowerment and incarceration policy reform, Tracey has shown commitment to uplifting young people through his work as a founding member and former Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Minding Our Business (MOB) training program. This mentorship program teaches 6th and 7th-grade public school students how to start and operate a business. In 2008 the program was recognized by the prestigious Center for Summer Learning at John Hopkins University as one of the top 10 summer programs in the country.

Mr. Syphax is a sought-after speaker as a result of his many accolades, both nationally and locally for his business success, his passion for economic awareness and equity for his community, and uplifting and encouraging the next generation of entrepreneurs. As a leading voice on the complex problem of reentry solutions for the formerly incarcerated, he has been known to inspire, motivate, and educate through the 3 E’s: Education, Employment, and Entrepreneurship.






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