BLVKHVND will be the largest dSports organization in the world, straight up. Our intent is counter-culture with a punk aesthetic, and we will buck the trend of the current eSports model. To succeed, we will leverage the technology of web 3.0 and integrate competition, innovation, and accountability into the community from the very beginning.

"Energy flows where your attention goes."

BLVKHVND enters the eSports space with a purpose. We are building open and accessible experiences. We respect individual identities based on varying sociocultural characteristics such as race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, national origin, first language, religious and spiritual tradition, age, ability, and socioeconomic status. Our goal is to build a culture where competition, innovation, and accountability are the norms and diversity, equity, and inclusivity are values of the community.

“Train at the level of your aspirations."

""Competition"" is the core ethos of BLVKHVND. Whether for fun or in a professional competition, we provide spaces for members to engage in healthy competitive play. While we pay our professional players to train at the highest level, we also offer opportunities for casual gaming where we embrace all skill levels.

“Because you only need a split second to look special."

"Innovation" within web 3.0 technology will differentiate BLVKHVND from others. We shouldn't just compete. We can create. Therefore, we encourage creativity by supporting our members with various verticles in content creation, game development, media, education, etc. At BLVKHVND, players and participants own their experience, and we will provide an environment where they can capitalize on sharing that experience.

"People are good at what they take pride in."

""Accountability"" is the foundation for the BLVKHVND community, and we emphasize reciprocity as a foundation to build. Our DAO is a reciprocal ecosystem. We believe sociocultural (working groups), and economic (staking, borrowing, marketing) exchanges flourish when members are empowered. A righteous individual, uplifted and held accountable by their community, is more likely to reciprocate back into the community. We believe the value of accountability will help grow the community and develop into the most prominent organization the gaming industry has ever seen.

"Maturity is not an age but an action."

Edward Hall (1976) used the description of an iceberg to describe the culture in a society. He reasoned that the tip of the iceberg is the visible components of culture, whereas what lies beneath the surface are the massive hidden components of culture. The current eSports model is just the tip of the iceberg. Currently, the culture of eSports is primarily visible above the surface, where we engage and participate in many ways as active consumers. However, beliefs, values, thought patterns, and ideologies below the surface are hidden structures that make up most of the implicit learned behavior and knowledge of participants, often reflecting systemic forms of oppression.

For BLVKHVND, dSports is culture. Above the surface, our professional teams will compete, and we will be victorious. Our innovation and utility will continually push the boundaries of gaming and technology. The world will know the name BLVKHVND. Beneath the surface, an accountable dSports culture blossoms. Our ecosystem will be massive. It will equitably distribute value through competition, content creation, and career pathways that touch all areas of the gaming industry. They're not ready for what we're bringing.