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What is Blueprint?

Blueprint is three products that together deliver the ultimate People Management Platform:

the Blueprint Hub, the Blueprint Studio, and the Blueprint App.

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Blueprint HUB

Think GitHub for management best practices. A place to share, collaborate and battle-test the best practices used by managers across the globe.


Blueprint STUDIO

Clone, improve, and customize what others have shared to make it your own. Or create new blueprints from scratch to use inside your organization and, why not, share with the world.


Blueprint APP

Operationalize best practices by deploying different blueprints within your organization and make them scale. An application designed for the leader-operator: No asking for permission, no power struggle, no ridiculous software pushed down your throat. Manage your organization your way.

Getting started

Blueprint is a People Management Platform built for modern managers who take ownership of the people processes within their organizations.

Join the movement that’s creating the future of management.

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