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The best student and teacher templates to prep for day one of school

Andrea Lim
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Prepping for the new semester is more than just laying out your first-day outfit. There are assignments, lesson plans, club projects to juggle — not to mention your roommate situation where everyone’s got to make sure rent is paid on time.

One of the biggest headaches is keeping all this in one place: who wants to be switching between Canvas, Google Docs, and your inbox all night long?

So we gathered the best Notion templates for students and teachers to organize all this in one place — that way you can focus on getting the most out of school.

Don't forget, Notion's Personal Pro plan is free for students and teachers with a school email. If you run a club or work in school administration, we have discounts for our Team and Enterprise plan too!

Best templates for students

The college student hub that bridges life and work

If you're a busy college student looking for a one-and-done dashboard, this is it. All parts of your life live side-by-side — but each has its own designated section you can customize. Assignments live in a database so you’ll never miss a deadline. Track your personal budget and expenses. Keep your roommates accountable with the shared roommate space. No excuses!

Pro tip: You can do your actual homework in the class assignment database — each assignment is its own page where you can take notes, write drafts, and collect research.

The note-taking setup that helps you remember what you learn

Taking effective notes is more than just copying down what you see on the whiteboard. Youtuber and doctor Ali Abdaal uses Notion to truly internalize what he's learning and organize complicated topics.

In his template, toggles are the star of the show — you can put information inside them, then open or close them as needed. They're particularly helpful when you need to organize the many sub-sections of a lecture. For example, if you're studying anatomy, you can create toggles for each part of the body, then put toggles inside toggles to break it down even further. You can stay focused without getting bogged down in the details, but it's easy to click into a certain topic for more information if you need it.

Ali also talks about how to use Notion to implement active recall and spaced repetition techniques, so we highly recommend watching his entire video walkthrough.

Pro tip: Write questions for yourself while taking notes, then hide the answers in a toggle. When you're reviewing your notes later, you'll already have a built-in way to test yourself.

The customizable degree planner that tracks all your requirements

Don’t be that person who misses graduation because they’re short one credit. With this template, you can plan out all the courses you need to take to graduate on time. When you finish the class, log your grade and credits received so you can make sure you've got everything you need.

Pro tip: Every university is different — create custom properties to list prerequisites, check off certain degree programs, and link to course descriptions.

The school dashboard for managing online classes

Instead of running through hallways searching for the right classroom, a lot of you might be searching for the right Zoom link. Though this template has a whole other section for work and life, we love the way it lays out your weekly class schedule and makes Zoom links easy to access.

Underneath the schedule, there's a homepage for each course, with links to the syllabus, a grade calculator, and a database for weekly lecture notes.

Pro tip: Embed your favorite widgets in the dashboard, including your favorite Spotify playlist and a weather app.

The research project home that organizes all your drafts

Bring together the many moving parts of your research project. This template lets you keep your notes, drafts, and even your meetings with advisors in the same place.

Each part of your project, like the lit review and hypothesis, has its own page — much better than scrolling through a 45-page Google doc. There's even a built-in database for all your references where you can track the author, URL, and publisher so you don't have to stay up all night writing your bibliography.

Pro tip: Sort the References database by publish date so you start with the most up-to-date sources.

The most aesthetically pleasing student dashboard

Who says studying can't be zen? Make this dashboard your own by uploading a custom cover image, dropping in GIFs from your favorite movies, and color coordinating fonts.

Pro tip: To give your Courses gallery a makeover, add cover images to each page. Then click "Properties," and set "Page cover" to show as the "Card preview." Voilá, a beautiful database with images front-and-center.

Best templates for teachers

The home schooling tracker for parents pulling double duty

For parents becoming first-time teachers, you might be feeling overwhelmed or unsure how to put together a curriculum for your child. This template helps you plan every single day of the school year, so you have activities and lessons ready to go.

Categorize your lessons by theme or topic to make sure you're creating a cohesive teaching experience. There are also different options to view the database so you can see what activities are up next for the week, month, or quarter.

Pro tip: When you've graduated from lesson planning 101, try the advanced version of this template.

The living classroom home that answers your students' every question

How many times have you printed out copies of your syllabus, then had to reprint them because of a schedule change or typo? Save yourself the trouble and give your students a living home for all class info — you can keep your required reading, syllabus, assignments, and announcements on the same page, and every edit updates the page instantly. No more students losing your syllabus or forgetting they have a quiz!

Pro tip: Click Share in the top right corner to make this page public to your students. Then click the ... button and hit Lock page so they don't accidentally delete important information.

The research database for teachers to stay up to date

Instead of tracking down URLs or searching for a particular quote, keep all your lesson plan research in this database template — so you can focus on teaching.

With Notion's web clipper, you can save any webpage to this database and preserve all the article text too. If you're writing multiple lectures, you can even add tags to each source and filter the database by a certain lecture or topic.

Pro tip: Click the search bar in the top right corner of the database to find a particular snippet fast.

The lesson plan writing template for effective teachers

It's not just students — teachers procrastinate too. To consistently create high quality lesson plans, you need a bulletproof system for organizing your work and progress.

You can track when you need to complete each lesson plan in this database template, and keep notes and research in here too. There are also built-in questions based on Harvard Business School's Elements of Effective Class Preparation so you're always keeping your students' learning objectives in mind.

Pro tip: Sort the database by Lesson date so that you're always prepared for the next class.

✨ Bonus: Best templates for schools and clubs

The school website for no-fuss administration teams

Updating a school website usually takes thousands of dollars, plus painful back and forth with your web developers. So take some inspiration from Elon Musk's Astra Nova school — they use a public Notion page to post information about their tuition, faculty, frequently asked questions, and the admissions application. It's built for extreme flexibility: if the school schedule or program details change, editing this page is as easy as writing in any document.

Pro tip: Make your website easier to read by dividing it into columns. Just drag and drop any text or image to either edge of the page and follow the blue guidelines.

The club homepage for very organized co-chairs

School isn't just about school these days — if you're running a club or managing a group project, this template is an easy but professional-looking way to capture all of your team's knowledge. You can keep your mission statement, tasks, and sponsorship apps neatly organized in this homepage. Share it with current and future team members so they can find everything they need to push projects forward.

Pro tip: Your club may be eligible for Notion's Team plan discount — it's 50% off for K-12 or Higher Education institutions registered as 501(c)(3)’s in the US. Apply for the discount here.

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