So, you’ve heard about the BlockSwap StakeHouse and now you want in. We get it. Search no more, we’ve got you covered with our 3-minute guide to getting started.

<aside> 📌 T**his guide shall illustrate how to interact with BlockSwap Network (BSN) CommunityNet through Telegram and start earning incentive rewards.

**Remember The StakeHouse Game is currently operating on Ethereum's Rinkeby testnet — do not send any mainnet cBSN, SHB, ETH, or any other tokens.

RULE: The game does not require you to send ANY tokens anywhere as part of the game. Users are simply connecting and signing their wallets to check they hold 100 CBSN, NFT or SHB.***


The entry flow is somewhat different depending on if you’re a CBSN/NFT Access Pass holder or an SHB token holder — skip below to find the right steps for you.

>>> Join the StakeHouse Game via the BOT<<<

CBSN User:

  1. Hold 100 CBSN or Request an NFT Access Pass and Join via the BOT

  2. Navigate to the StakeHouse website, select a StakeHouse, and click the ‘Join StakeHouse’ button. Approve the connection request from your chosen wallet.

  3. Once in, enter the /claim stake command

  4. You will then be checked-in and will receive 8 dETH or 8 SLOT,

  5. That's it! — you can join as many houses, do check-ins, and accrue more rewards.

Congratulations, you should now be earning CBSN Game Rewards! 🎉