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We're a New York-based venture fund with French roots, backing early-stage companies that are creating the building blocks behind sustainable commerce and well-being.

We've invested in companies like Contentsquare and La Vie, and we're FoF investors in FFVC, Interlace and a few other funds.

Our mission is to help you drive your business, by developing key-management tools that create more value and growth. We take an active investment approach and go beyond financial investment to connect you with our network and equip you with the best practices in business management to ensure you’re fully supported from your early first milestones to continued growth.

We're a small team of entrepreneurial people that have tech backgrounds, leadership experience, go-to-market know-how, and a passion for solving hard problems.

To that end, we spend close to 80% of our bandwidth on portfolio support (focus on go-to-market, management best practices, financials).

<aside> ✅ At Bleu, we seek to build lasting relationships with exceptional founders. We manage a value-add venture capital fund as we believe founders need more than just money – they also need help growing their businesses. Founders are our trusted partners and friends and we care about their journey as much as they do. This our pitch deck to them.


What we bring to founders: