It is a priority for us at Blend to ensure that all of our community members follow our Code of Conduct precisely. Our Code of Conduct is a universal set of guidelines that are in place to ensure that our community is welcoming to everyone.

🤵 Attire

Your avatar is a representation of yourself, and only appropriate clothing and/or packages should be applied to your avatar at all of our facilities. It is an expectation to wear a shirt and pants, and bypassing this restriction by wearing an invisible shirt or graphic clothing such as bloody clothing will not be tolerated. Please view the list below to determine whether your outfit is satisfactory to our clothing requirements:

😈 Behaviour

Our community members abide by a strict set of guidelines in order to maintain the safe and positive environment we actively promote.

💥 Malicious Intent

Blend uses multiple services and platforms to keep our operations running smoothly, and has security measures in place to combat any malicious harm or connections from unauthorized personnel. Intending to harm these services and platforms will result in a ban or a potential blacklist.

🚨 Moderation Procedures

At Blend, we strive to maintain a safe and friendly environment for our members. We expect our customers and visitors to follow the rules and regulations we have set out for the public. Our staff will ensure these regulations are enforced at all Blend facilities.

Breaches of our rules and regulations are split into two offence categories: minor and major. Based on the severity of the action, the individual may receive a warning, kick, ban, or permanent ban. For further information regarding major and minor offences, you may view the list below.

<aside> ⚠️ Please note that Roblox's Community Standards and Blend's Public Code of Conduct also apply to those who have Voice Chat enabled.