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A simulation app to incentivize small businesses to start their business in Pittsburgh.

UX Design | August 2020 (1 week)

**My Role**

UX Designer

Graphic Designer



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Jingchun Quan

Annie Liang

Shannon Sun

Vicky Li

Nancy Zuo (me)


Pittsburgh is a city in western Pennsylvania, located at the intersection of three rivers. It is best known as the "City of Bridges" and as the "Steel City," once boasting a large population. However, its population has been steadily declining since the Great Recession. Like many other cities, Pittsburgh now faces the dilemma of attracting and retaining new professional talent.

How might we attract young professionals to a city like Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that is declining in population?

Our Solution

Bizburgh is a simulation application that targets prospective entrepreneurs, walking them through the process of creating a simulated startup in Pittsburgh. With its variety of features, Bizburgh enables startup owners and founders to experience exploring locations, recruiting, budgeting, networking, and more in Pittsburgh. By branding Pittsburgh as an attractive hub for startups and for innovation, we can attract young professional talent to the city.

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Final Prototype

Our simulation walks the user through the stages of setting up a startup in Pittsburgh while also highlighting Pittsburgh’s advantages. Every decision the user makes in the simulation impacts their future choices.