Would you like to be an active contributor to our community?

1. Join a working group:

We are organized into 5 main working groups. Please, check them and follow the steps described there.


Media & communications

Biotech ops



2. Join our community calls:

This is the easiest way to meet other members of the community. In these meetings you will also know what we have been working on.

You can see the next meeting at the top of Discord in events or go to

Welcome to BioDAO

3. Contribute to proposals:

The proposals are the way in which the DAO decides the allocation of resources. All the people who are part of the community can propose their ideas.

Through everyone's feedback and participation, we contribute to the success of the proposals and the growth of the DAO.

Check the process here:

Proposals information

→ Go to #🗳️Pre-Proposals channel on Discord, review, help and comment active proposals.