At Biconomy, we believe in simplifying the user experience for all decentralized applications (dApps) and making Web3 mainstream. We apply this ethos to design easy-to-understand and fair pricing for our products. This allows you to focus on innovating and creating kick-ass dapp experiences.

Our pricing model is flexible and modular, matching our tools and solutions. We provide a free quota for individual developers and small teams, and we never charge for usage on testnets.

Pay as you go pricing

A gas price premium is added to each blockchain operation in the Biconomy SDK.

We have mapped out percentage premiums for each chain with maximum caps.



Let's say you have deposited 100 MATIC on Polygon into the Biconomy gas tank contract to sponsor gasless transactions for your end-users.

Assuming that the method() you are sponsoring costs 21,000 units of gas, and the current Polygon network gas price is 200 Gwei, then your gas fees would normally be 21,000 x 200 Gwei = 4,200,000 Gwei or 0.0042 MATIC.

Under the new pricing model with a 12% premium, you will also need to pay an additional amount, which is calculated as 12% of the gas fees. Therefore, your premium will be 0.0042 MATIC x 12% = 0.000504 MATIC.

However, Biconomy always uses the lower bound of gas price for the premium calculation, so in this case, we will use the lower bound of 20 Gwei instead of 24 Gwei. Thus, your new premium will be 21,000 x 220 Gwei = 4,620,000 Gwei or 0.00462 MATIC.

Therefore, the total fees deducted from your gas tank will be 0.0042 MATIC + 0.00462 MATIC = 0.00882 MATIC.

After deducting the fees, your gas tank will have a remaining balance of 100 MATIC - 0.00882 MATIC = 99.99118 MATIC.

To summarize: