🗣️ Mission

Better Future Program envisions a future in which youth are not only empowered to challenge oppressive hierarchies each day, but to create new, innovative, and inclusive frameworks of community care and intersectional justice.

Our mission is to globally expand peer-led political education, support, and imagination for marginalized youth.

🙋🏾 Open Positions

Note: All volunteer positions are available as remote opportunities, meaning you can apply from anywhere in the world! Tap on any of the following open positions to learn more information, scroll to the bottom to learn more about why we use a committee-based structure, and please, apply today! Once a position is full, it’ll be moved to our archives and will not appear on this list until that role is available again.

Job Positions

Why Utilize a Horizontal Organizational Structure?

<aside> ❓ Also known as “flat organizational structure,” all BFP volunteers are placed on an equal standing in order to uplift all perspectives and further promote autonomy, fluidity between responsibilities, efficient lines of communication, optimization of all resources within the organization, and thinking outside of the box.

Taking notes from anti-authoritarianism, the ideal that individuals deserve personal freedoms rather than be forced to submit to coercive hierarchies, and democratic confederalism, BFP reinforces its horizontal organizational structure through the usage of “committees.” Each committee (Administrative Staff, Advocacy Committee, Resources Committee, and General Volunteers) forms its own interdependent goals and initiatives to fulfill which are then presented to the entire group during weekly meetings. Due to BFP’s ever-growing size, committees allow every single volunteer to have a voice in policymaking, event coordination, and project management before such plans reach the larger stage for critique, compromise, and voting. And this is where consensus-based decision making comes into play, which tends to negate the tyranny of the majority by ensuring every concern is acknowledged before moving forward! For more detail, Seeds for Change has a great visual for how this decision-making process can work:

![- Agreement with the proposal = You both support the proposal and are willing to help implement it.

This horizontal organization is also why, at least for the time being, we will remain entirely volunteer-run like many other leftist (particularly abolitionist) grassroots organizations. Being entirely volunteer-run has several advantages: it reflects a commitment to shared principles, empowers grassroots participation, promotes accessibility and inclusivity, resists hierarchies as aforementioned, and allows for flexibility and adaptability. However, there are also, admittedly, challenges: potential burnout among volunteers, limited availability and commitment, potential lack of specialized skills and expertise, high turnover rates and recruitment difficulties, unequal distributions of workload, limited capacity for scaling and impact, and often unclear lines of accountability in task completion.

Striking a balance between the benefits of volunteerism and addressing these challenges is crucial for the success and longevity of organizations like BFP! That’s why we need your help in continuously assessing our successes and failures, remaining honest about your interactions with our organization!


Last updated: July 20, 2023