What is this?

A time to listen to God, to each other, and to Zion's neighbors. It has two parts: listening to God and listening to people.

What will we do to listen to God?

Read the New Testament, using The Immerse Bible: Messiah. It's a "readers' bible," set like a novel to make it easier simply to be immersed in the story.

Be immersed in the story of God’s love

Why Read the New Testament?

This has potential to help reunite Zion and renew a sense of community after the worst of the scattering pandemic days.

There will be opportunities to gather to talk about what you're hearing. There's also weekly introductory videos and an audio podcast of the readings.

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Zion will provide Immerse: Messiah books. Contact Pastor Clark if you’re interested in participating or hosting.

For hosts of Immerse small groups

What's the reading timeline?

Advent to Easter, starting Sunday, November 28 to Sunday, April 17

Immerse Reading Plan

How will we listen to people?

Through a "listening campaign"—Zion people listening to other Zion people during the season of Easter, to be followed later (probably in the fall) by Zion people listening to neighbors.

A listening campaign is highly structured, with a clear beginning and end, and involves comprehensive training for a listening team and lots of communication and excitement-building for the congregation. The outcome would include stronger relationships and a greater sense of belonging, leadership development for the listening team, direction for the congregation, and identifying potential leaders for those new directions.

Why do all this listening?

To discover what God is calling Zion to do, be, or change in this new chapter.

To regather Zion and rebuild relationships and a sense of community "after" the pandemic.