Sync (aka push) a tracking plan code to an Analytics Governance tool (like Segment Protocols).

reflekt push --name my-plan
12:32:09 Loading Reflekt tracking plan 'my-plan'
12:32:09     Parsing event file account-created.yml
12:32:11     Parsing event file account-deleted.yml
12:32:12     Parsing event file checkout-step-viewed.yml
12:32:13     Parsing event file product-added.yml
12:32:15     Parsing event file order-completed.yml
12:32:16     Parsing event file page-viewed.yml

12:32:17 Converting Reflekt tracking plan 'my-plan' to Segment format
12:32:18     Converting 'Account Created'
12:32:18     Converting 'Account Deleted'
12:32:18     Converting 'Checkout Step Viewed'
12:32:18     Converting 'Product Added'
12:32:18     Converting 'Order Completed'
12:32:19     Converting 'Page Viewed'

12:32:20 Syncing converted tracking plan 'my-plan' to Segment

12:32:21 [SUCCESS] Synced Reflekt tracking plan 'my-plan' to Segment

<aside> ⚠️ reflekt push is not supported in Reflekt projects that have specified Avo as their analytics governance tool.


Available arguments

reflekt push --help
Usage: reflekt push [OPTIONS]

  Sync tracking plan to CDP or Analytics Governance tool.

  -n, --name TEXT  Tracking plan name in CDP or Analytics Governance tool.
  --dry            Output JSON to be synced, without actually syncing it.
  --help           Show this message and exit.