With all our policies, there are not strict rules, rather set principles. You’ll see here multiple times “we trust you to make the right decision”. Life is short - we want you to have a great time while developing and growing the business.

Take holiday to recover

<aside> 🏖️ We do not have a set holiday period at Beyonk, we trust you to make the right decisions to drive the business forwards and give yourself the time you need to rest, recover and enjoy life. We’ll cover you for a paid set of holidays as stated in your contract. After that you can take them unpaid.

Not sure on what the boundaries are? Click below for more information


Work at any time

<aside> ⏰ We trust you to deliver on your role and team targets and to drive the business forwards. Sometimes you may prefer to work later if you’re in the flow, and may need some hours to get back into it in the morning. We care about performance and output over when you clock in and out. You are your own person and we trust you to do what is right for the business. Please just let your line manager know, and your team know so they can be aware of when they can get hold of you and plan around your time. Want to understand some boundaries, read below.


Work from anywhere

<aside> ☀️ We trust you deliver on your role responsibilities and drive the team and business forwards. We care about output and performance over where you’re based, or what you’re eating. If you want to work abroad then discuss with your line manager and lets make it happen.


Feel empowered to make decisions

<aside> 🔋 We trust you to make decisions at Beyonk. Everyone makes mistakes, as long as we learn from them that is ok. We want to empower you to do what you think is right. We trust you to know when a decision needs escalating to another member.


Reach your full potential at Beyonk

<aside> 🌱 You should always be able to take on more responsibility at Beyonk, to help grow your personal development and career. More responsibility inevitably means higher performance and higher reward. Speak to your line manager frequently to discuss how you can be doing more. If you ever feel like there aren’t the opportunities you want at Beyonk, escalate upwards, and we’ll be sure to find more for you. The more you can step up, the more you can help us grow.


Cover your costs of doing business

<aside> 💵 When undertaking Beyonk business activity you'll inevitably incur costs. There is no set expense policy at Beyonk because we trust you to make the right decision for yourself and the business. We are a low margin business, we require significant scale to make profit. So we are cost conscious and we know you’ll make the right low cost decisions for the right value. Want to understand what the typical boundaries are and whats covered? Read below.


Take time off during the tough times

<aside> 😞 When someone close to you passes, take the time you need to recover and get back into a headspace where you can deliver.


Take time off when you’re not right

<aside> 💊 Life is short and health and well-being is more important than anything else. We value you and want you to be on top form so that you can energise, motivate and drive things forwards with the team.

If you’re ill, please contact your line manager as soon as possible and let them know. We tend to overlook the odd absence here and there and at our discretion we may support longer timeframes of illness for those who’ve built up goodwill at Beyonk.

Mental health is as much an illness as a common cold. Don’t be afraid to speak up and

we’ll support you as we can.

For information on how to deal with longer term illness see below:


Other adminy things that are still important, please read...