<aside> 🚀 Welcome to the roadmap!!

This is our “living document” timeline for Members & #Marketing! ****Here you can see what is coming & we will keep this up to date!

👉 If you join in the future, you get access to 100% Of everything here & on our /join page.

We will continue to update this with the methods we are using to manage clients, build timelines to help members get where they need to go!

🔗 Doors are Open May 1 - May 8 👉 Join Now


❤️ 2022 Catalog + Curriculum

🤩 2023 Catalog + Curriculum

— 🗺️ What Is Next on the #ROADMAP !

Heads Up: *This is a loose guide as to when the next things are coming. But TBH, we release things things between the big chonky boi releases. Slack conversations spur us to create 1 off SOPs or Action Paths which then get published inside of BTD.

We don’t do a ton of external marketing yet* 🫣 because we are making the best product on the freaking internet!

<aside> 🔥 May 1 - 8: Doors Open BTD Join Here We will be opening the doors here with the 13 Month Sunset Subscription Plan.

Get in before 8th before price increases by 1 monthly payment. (no pressure)


<aside> <img src="/icons/code_blue.svg" alt="/icons/code_blue.svg" width="40px" /> May 14th: GA4 Migration & Sales GA4 will be right around the corner so use our suite of tools to get up and running in no time for new clients or if you have been putting things off.

Taught By: JJ Reynolds & Stockton Fisher


<aside> 🔴 May 16 @11:30 AM PST: BTD Live Call 🔴 ****Every third Tuesday at 11:30am PST we have a LIVE Call for 🔒 MEMBERS ONLY where we trouble shoot, strategize & talk through how everyone can level up their next reporting system.

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