How To Apply

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Send the following documents to - we only consider applications through this email and not through any other channels.

  1. CV
  2. Cover letter (WHY do you apply for Bepro and this position ?)
  3. Portfolio (Optional) </aside>

About Us

About The Role

As a Video Processing Engineer (Python & Linux), you will be responsible for managing all types of videos available in the Bepro service provided by our own fixed camera system or user-uploaded videos.

In particular, you will have opportunities to engage in one or all (if you want) of following topics:

  1. Developing a system to control and manage the whole video processing pipeline such as dealing with video codecs, resizing, or streaming.

  2. Developing Bepro camera network API and real-time stitching/streaming server → This job is for those who would like to dig into computer network and video processing fields.

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