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About Us

About The Role

As Global HR Manager, you are responsible for all daily operational tasks including global management of payroll. You are in direct contact with all employees all over the world and support them with all questions

As Bepro's global footprint grows, so do the operational complexities and cultural nuances that are unique to each country where we work. In addition to it, there are different working culture between business/sales team and IT developers. To address these complexities, we are looking for an experienced and strategic Global HR Manager in order to help our colleagues achieve what they aim to.

Currently, we have more than 80 colleagues from 15 nationalities. We are collaborating remotely from 10 different offices and 5 different time zones. The ideal location of this position is London to closely work together with CEO and board members.

This position will be proactively responsible for talent acquisition/recruitment, working environment design, and internal communication.

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