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Trackingplan Overview

The insights and value derived from the analysis of data drive the marketing and product growth strategies of every forward-thinking enterprise. If data is inaccurate or inconsistent, repairing it can be costly and lead a business to act on inaccurate intelligence.

We designed Trackingplan to automatically ensure your data is clean, accurate, and actionable. It seamlessly integrates into your organization’s current setup and empowers your team to unleash the value of your data.

Trackingplan is an easy-to-install tool that automatically monitors and verifies the data flow from your sites and third-party integrations, whether they’re analytics, marketing automations, pixels or campaigns, and it removes the need to spend unnecessary resources on data clean-up. With Trackingplan, your product and marketing data always arrive to your specifications. If something changes, breaks, or has any type of anomaly, we send you an alert automatically.

Trackingplan is a simple and automatic tool for data teams, product managers, data analysts, and marketing analysts that detects all changes in data collection activities, prevents schema problems, and imposes consistent taxonomy standards across your entire organization. It centralizes and monitors your data flow in one dashboard, removing the need to create and maintain various spreadsheets or other data repositories.

Developers can also use Trackingplan to streamline collaboration with other teams to add or change events, validate all new or modified analytics code, and automatically detect issues related to tracking implementation.

Trackingplan has almost no footprint, requires no coding, and doesn’t involve any complex tooling. It works with all major analytics providers, all popular developer platforms, and can even work with your in-house analytics systems.

What is a Tracking Plan?

A tracking plan is a document that businesses use to review which data they track, why they track that data, and where they track that data.

It provides a roadmap for developers to implement data tracking efficiently and serves as a key reference point for team members to interpret data, glean intelligence, and execute on it.

A tracking plan also serves as a collaborative tool that connects teams throughout an organization and empowers them to meet their objectives.

What Does Trackingplan Track?

With Trackingplan, you can automatically track a variety of third-party trackers and pixels to make sure they’re working the way you want them to.

Trackingplan helps prevent disruptions in your data flow and ensures your data is transferred to your and send it to your backend or other third-party services as you defined. The system automatically keeps an eye on your trackers and pixels and shows their activity in an easy-to-read dashboard.

These are the items Trackingplan helps you monitor: