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Our mission

We're creating new economic opportunities for creators 💪

We believe that the future of work is going to see more people constructing a career that they really enjoy around who they are online — and creators are the first wave.

If you’re excited for this future and want to help us get there sooner, please get in touch!

What we do 📷

Beacons is the easiest way to build a website that your fans will love! We help creators centralize their online brand presences, connect with their audiences and partners in a streamlined way, and better understand how to build and improve their businesses.

We're excited to tackle the rapidly growing, $200 billion creator economy market. There's a huge opportunity to help creators build the businesses of tomorrow, and we're well positioned to build the defining solution.

We raised a $6m seed round led by a16z and with participation from Li Jin, Naval Ravikant, The Chainsmokers, Night Media, and a bunch of other great investors — see the TechCrunch article here or our own blog post.

Go here to check out our current product and see some creators who are using it.

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Our team is 17 people full time. We're hiring rapidly and looking for incredible people to join us - we hope you'll be one of them! ✈️

🚀 Open roles

We're hiring!

🌉 San Francisco or 🌎  Remote


📟 Sr. Frontend Engineer

🔨 Sr. Fullstack Engineer

Who we are 👥