To research an online community and observe their behaviors to gather insights from the qualitative data through user reseach.

The Team

This was part of an assignment at 10kDesigners and was carried out by a team of two members.

<aside> 🧘🏻 Shashank Ranganath


<aside> 👧🏻 Tanvi Rusia



This research was carried out in a period of 16 days.

Why we chose an online cycling community ?

A tech savvy cyclist in a metro city

A tech savvy cyclist in a metro city

Most of us who have cycled in India, see or reminisce cycling as one of the purer joys of our lives. For many of us, cycling was one of the first occasions in our childhood where we had experienced pure freedom and wanderlust.

In the last year and a half there was a spike of 300% to 400% increase in sales for cycles due to the pandemic. ****This peaked our interest to research on online cycling community and their behaviours.

Cycling is a great networking activity. In the past decade, India has seen a huge emergence of cycling clubs or groups.

Online Communities that we interacted with :

Facebook community - CYCLOP

CYCLOP is an online private Facebook community for cyclists to buy and sell used cycles and gear among each other. This is also a platform for cycling talk, seeking and giving advice. Since the community started in 2012, they’ve also developed an eCommerce store – and offer bicycle shipping service as well on the website.

Currently, cyclop community has around 62K+ members which include 2 admins and 4 active moderators.

“Our rate of new members has gone up about five times since June, Many new, first-time cyclists of all ages, 16 to 50 years old, are joining the group looking for ways other than gyms to stay fit during the Covid crisis. Families are now cycling together instead of going for movies!” - Cyclop founder Malvika Jain