Hello, thank you for taking a pause out of your day to meet me! 👋

I'm Nancy and I’m currently a junior at Carnegie Mellon University, where I study Information Systems and Human-Computer Interaction with minors in Design and SHIFT (Societal & Human Impacts of Future Technologies).

📍currently: seattle (then pittsburgh after mid-august)

who i am —

I’m a creative technologist with a little sprinkle of everything ✨ — philosophy, design, business, technology, hci, cognitive science, you name it.

Broadly, I’m interested in understanding society and solving problems through technology to foster community and equity.

I hop around places quite a bit. In the last 6 months I’ve been to Phoenix, Seattle, SF, NYC, London, Denver, Miami, Honolulu, Seattle, Boston, Dallas, and Pittsburgh. I’ve previously lived in Edyfi, Sauced House, DropoutDAO house, and AR House.

In my past life, I spent my weekends at hackathons, designed for State Farm, taught miscellaneous classes at iD Tech Camps, worked at a maker space, and grew up in my mom’s art studio. I’ve bounced around a couple different majors and minors at Carnegie Mellon but will probably end up creating my own major. I’m in Seattle this summer at Meta Reality Labs in on the Ray Bans team as an AR Product Design Intern.

In my free time, I make vlogs on YouTube and TikTok and maintain a small chicken-nugget themed blog and naan site. I like to read about dystopian tech problems (mostly stemming from the Silicon Valley), get lost in thinking about simulations and digital worlds, and going on long, mindless walks.

I dream of being a skilled artist, of creating a makeup and clothing line of my own, of owning a cat cafe, and of understanding life and happiness and living each day like my last. 🌱

one day —

I want to find the harmonious balance between humans & technology — whether it be through voice, immersive tech, putting human nature first in design, or breaking away from digital tech altogether.

I want to create an accessible, flexible education system that boasts human-learning as full priority.

I want to be free from the shackles of an inefficient system and simplify long-held ineffective processes.

I want to write a journalism-interview-style novel.

I want to revisit my roots and discover the full story of my descendants from China.

I want to forever feel like a complete beginner, learning as much as I can from others with completely different perspectives.

I want to explore all the world's best food.