TEDxColoradoSprings is the official name of the event. Our URL is TEDxColoradoSprings.org and our email addresses are all @TEDxColoradoSprings.org

TED's licensing rules dictate that we must maintain this in all official media & communications, it's why our stage sign is SO extraordinarily long.

We occasionally style it for simplicity or ease of access. We have the TEDxCOS.org URL to redirect to our main site, and we use that for most things. We also use #TEDxCOS to denote our posts about events, and #CelebrateTEDxCOS to re-post talks that have been up for some time.

The most important thing to remember about all of this is that there a few commonly made mistakes that will make your posts look confusing and mismatch with our branding:


ted x

TEDx Cos

TEDx Colorado Springs

TED is always capitalized. The x is always small. Colorado Springs is always capitalized naturally. There are never any spaces in our name except on facebook where it won't let us change it 😭

So long as you spell it TEDxColoradoSprings or TEDxCOS you will match everyone else and look very well coordinated! Thank you for your attention to detail around this 😂

And if you're really going crazy with the design, the official TEDx font is Helvetica Neue Bold and the red color is #e62b1e