revision started: Nov 18, 2020

deadline: Dec 1, 2020

PROJECT: title of the best book ever

GENRE: all of them

WORD COUNT: 7 words


STATUS: revising that's y i made this


the book:

put a short pitch here (if you have one) that kind of recaps the heart of the story and will keep it at the forefront of your mind whenever you open your doc. idk you can do whatever you want that's just what is help fOR ME lol

the heart:

for me, it's really helpful to have the heart of my story distilled down to a sentence or two, bc when i'm lost in the revision weeds, it usually that heart i'll go back to repeatedly when i feel stuck

revision at a glance:

i like to have a quick summary of wtf i'm doing, if applicable, bc it can sometimes make it feel less overwhelming — ie, rewrite my book so the plague becomes the main plot, and cut out the little sister