Position Description

Sora Schools is looking for a Community Director with experience managing a growing online student experience. This role will involve leading all orientation and onboarding efforts for students and parents, fostering deeper student and parent engagement with the school, and modeling the future of community-based events at Sora. As the first hire in this function, you will also help shape the future of our student body and ultimately Sora.

This is a rare opportunity to join a young, growing team of an innovative virtual high school at a critical stage in the organization's growth. Beyond that, we have a unique product offering that amazes the prospective families we speak to around the world. Parents and students at Sora LOVE our school. Our team is composed of hard-working individuals with a culture of transparency, efficiency, and collaboration.

If you want to be a part of that, you can join Sora.

We modeled this role from this graphic →

This role would be executing and improving components in the red section (except selection, that would be admissions).

From https://community-canvas.org

From https://community-canvas.org

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