Hey guys, the Remote Design Sprint is over, it was an incredible week. Thanks again to you all for participating and making this happen, together we were able to crunch several months of work into only one week and are now able to work with the results. Before I go into the user feedback, here is what we have been working on so far:

Quick Recap

Based on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday collaboration in Miro we were able to create individual concepts and merge them into one beautiful storyboard:


You can download a PDF version of the Miro whiteboard here:

This was a perfect and precise basis for us to power through the weekend and create the visual interface design for the prototype, which you can access here:


This prototype was shown to 4 people in total:

Most of them know of crypto as a speculation asset and have used coinbase before, but only Imran actually does trading and sees crypto as a tool for value exchange in his business.


Overall, the feedback was very interesting and helped us understand how to move on. On one hand, the concept and UX was flawless and almost intuitive, people understood the wallet and the general principle. But despite the ease of use, a lot of handholding was needed to guide them through the exploration of features related to self-sovereignty and use of the PLR token.

Long Term Goal